Write an article on pollution for kids

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Would you raise children near a busy road? Use public transport to reduce noise, air and light pollution. Thousands of seabirds are killing because of the oil spilling from ships and industries. Pollution causes the disturbance of the natural system and balance of environment.

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In villages and citiespeople dumped sewage into the streets. I really appreciated it. How did I find myself here you might ask? When plants absorb dirty water through their roots, they stop growing and die. Anti-pollution laws should be strictly implemented.

We did this activity outside so the mess would be negligible. Water Pollution Essay 4 words Fresh water is the most important source of life on the earth. This affects humans and animals, their natural vegetation and create Noise Pollution.

Household air pollution and health. Though pollution is released both by natural and human activities, but majorly it is created due to human activities, which can easily be minimized to reduce the pollution rate.Air pollution affects kids more than adults because, for their body size, kids breathe more air and spend more time playing outside.

More hazardous pollutants are discharged into the air each year than are released to surface water, ground water, and land, combined. Kids learn about water pollution and how it effects the environment and health.

Study causes, pollutants, sources, and facts including acid rain. Short Paragraph on Water Pollution. Category: Indian Geography On November 1, By Vishal Sharma. Introduction.

Water Pollution is the contamination of water bodies. It occurs as a result of introduction of pollutants in water.

Water Pollution Essay

Water is life. Still, we contribute in polluting the water bodies in. Find out more about air and water pollution. Search. Kidzworld.

Login/Register. Login; Register; Forgot your username. Write a Novel. 8 Atypical Summer Read Suggestions. The Kids Guide To. Article on Pollution 4 ( words) Pollution is an act of contaminating the environment by introducing certain hazardous contaminants that lead to disturbance of ecosystem and directly or indirectly affect the human beings, animals, plants of the ecosystem.

Pollution causes the disturbance of the natural system and balance of environment. Environmental pollution is the biggest menace to the human race on this planet today. It means adding impurity to environment.

The environment consists of earth, water, air, plants and animals.

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Write an article on pollution for kids
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