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There is no single best way to teach, but teachers can diversify their teaching styles to cater to the learning styles of each Vark essay student. Identify the major key points both positive and negative regarding diversity and or multicultural education and give your opinion on each.

Compared to how I perceive my own learning styles outside of this questionnaire, I mostly agree. So what exactly is a kinesthetic learning style? Using case studies and diagrams Vark essay pictures will also help a kinesthetic learner retain the material.

If you have three preferences read the three lists that apply and similarly for those with four.

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Assignment Vark essay class Along with the increase in research, has come some confusion with each researcher approaching the area of learning style from differing points of view; using different classifications, and using varying terminology.

Those who have a total VARK score larger than 30 tend to use their preferences in combination needing all their preferred modes to get a good understanding.

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That factor is learning style. March 1, ;29 2: Lastly, with the lowest score, I am an aural learner. Compare your preferred learning strategies to the identified srategies for your learning style.

Do you tend to remember and repeat those ideas you heard verbally presented? In terms of the triage manual which the writer of this paper used when educating nurses on the use of the Emergency Severity Index triage system, the triage manual which was produced had countless material references including but not limited to copies of the actual PowerPoint used for the class, graphs, electronic health record computer screen shots, sample cases, case studies, triage algorithms, and practice quizzes with corresponding answers and rationales.

In terms of auditory learners, while flipping through the PowerPoint slides, the presentation presenter verbally elaborated on information both included as well as not included on each slide in order to assist the verbal learners in their education process.

In a paperwordssummarise your analysis of this exercise. To be able to determine those characteristics, values, and differences that identify a diverse population To become familiar with diversity and multicultural education I. They are not so much my preference for learning, but I cannot deny that those aspects assist my understanding.

According to Indiana University, using visual objects such as graphs, charts, pictures, and any other visual information has been proven to assist visual learners in being able to memorize and recall the information better The Trustees of Indiana University, Awareness of learning styles will help educators identify and solve learning problems among students Prithishkumar, The analysis also assists individuals who have been having difficulties with their educational endeavors.

Kinesthetic learners absorb most effectively by direct involvement, causing learning to transpire as a result of what was done as opposed to reading the materials or listening to a lecture. In addition, I should relate the topics with real life examples and case studies to grasp the concept even deeper.

Those who have chosen fewer than 25 of the options in the questionnaire prefer to see their highest score as their main preference — almost like a single preference and they use each preference mode singly to suit each situation.

This inclination emphasizes text-based contribution in all its forms, but especially manuals, reports, essays and assignments. I take notes in points, record the lecture on the recorder so I can hear it again.

According to the VARK website, the sixteen question questionnaire alerts people to the numerous approaches available to acquire essential information when learning. Provide a summary of your learning style. According to Dunn, 55 percent of adults are global learners overview then facts28 percent are analytic facts and then the big picturethe remaining 17 percent can process information comfortably either way and adjust according to circumstances.

Having a detailed insight of my own learning styles and strategies that I have built upon since my childhood is a helpful tool in using my time and energy effectively. The Visual-Spatial Learning Style.VARK Analysis Paper Grand Canyon University: NRSV August 11, VARK Analysis paper VARK analysis is a method through which a person identifies his favored method of learning.

VARK is the acronym for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic.

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Read Vark essays and research papers. View and download complete sample Vark essays, instructions, works cited pages, and more. VARK Analysis Paper Essay Sample VARK Analysis While many individuals pursue an advanced education, the method in which students absorb and retain the required learned material varies from individual to individual.

For example you may have two strong preferences Visual and Aural (VA) or Read/write and Kinesthetic (RK), or you may have three strong preferences such as VAR or ARK. Some people have no standout scores.

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Their scores are almost even for all four modes. For example one person had scores of V=6, A=6, R=6, and [ ].

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VARK Analysis Rhonda Chrestman Grand Canyon University Family Centered Health Promotion NRSV Barbara Trabelsi November 17, VARK Analysis VARK is an instructional preference model of a learning styles inventory that differentiates students by the way in which they best acquire information (Marcy,para.

3). Vark Analysis Essay. Running head: VARK ANALYSIS VARK Analysis Christine Feisthamel Grand Canyon University Family Centered Health Promotion NRSv Sue Fickle FNP-C MSN May 19, VARK Analysis The VSRK analysis is a modality predilection or the process that an individual uses to take in information and assimilate .

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