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It is also possible to calculate more specific breakdowns of turnover data, such as redundancy-related turnover or resignation levels, with the latter particularly useful for employers in assessing the effectiveness of people management in their organisations.

It is important to appreciate that the reasons people give for their resignations are frequently untrue or only partially true. The economic cost of getting this wrong can be vast, with the resources that have been ploughed into the process.

Confidentiality should be assured and the purpose of the interview explained. Organisations that run mentoring and induction schemes lose fewer employees shortly after appointment. It also makes no distinction between functional that is, beneficial turnover and that which is dysfunctional.

Employees that are satisfied with their job, will have no reason to seek alternative employment. Employees at all levels occasionally find themselves faced with excessive work demands, and will leave it if is the only course of action French and Caplan It in essence makes the employee a shareholder of the organisation aligning the interests of the employee with the owners.

These drives then generate search behaviour to find particular goals that, if attained, will satisfy the need and lead to the reduction of tension Robbins, cited in Ramlall, S. Total number of leavers over period x Average total number employed over period The total figure encompasses all leavers including those who leave involuntarily due to dismissal or redundancy and as a result of retirement.

Over 4, studios have been done since on why people resign; the most common reason is their line managers. These employees would have a positive influence on the firm. The costs can be broken down into the costs of leaving, replacements, transition and indirect.

They could highlight the reasons why existing employees may also leave or why some may be come unmotivated and dissatisfied with their role Armstrong, M. The recruiting of an employee contains hidden costs; these include advertising and the time that is employed on screening and interviewing the prospective employee.

This can highlight areas within management practice that can be reviewed, to prevent further wastage of employees. Both Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards add to the motivation level of employees, if managed correctly. Although there are advantages to monitoring leavers, the information given must be honest and reliable.

This Labour turnover rates provide a valuable means to benchmarking the effectiveness of HR policies and practices in organisations Armstrong, M. Like turnover rates, this can be used across an organisation as a whole or for a particular part of it. It is not just a low retention rate that can cause problems, too high a rate will stagnate the workforce.

Therefore it is paramount that the process is fair, reliable and valid Armstrong, M. Graduate Retention Organisations that have management training schemes retain a higher percentage of graduate recruits, than the average in their industry sector.

So many of the costs are hidden, which makes it vary easy not to acknowledge poor retention as a problem.

Employee Turnover and Retention Essay Sample

The data obtained can be used to develop a costed retention strategy that focuses on the particular issues and causes of turnover specific to the organisation. Therefore, organisations will often shed poor employees functional turnoverbut will also fail to retain star employees dysfunctional turnover.

Where there is no opportunity to voice dissatisfaction, resigning may be the only option. It is argued that this non intervention allowed management to control the reward system, and to gain control over the effort side of the wage bargain.

An unsatisfied need creates tension that stimulates drives within the individual. Recruitment Key to retaining the right employees is recruiting them in the first place. This figure can then be multiplied by the relevant turnover rate for that staff group to calculate the total annual cost of turnover.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The organisation can use the recruitment process to continue, enhance or even change the organisational culture.

Organisations no longer offer a job for life there is no longer guaranteed employment, with a pension as a reward for loyalty and compliance. Cost to the organisation A major factor of a high level of employee turnover that impinges on an organisation is the cost.

Therefore turnover cost data should be used to demonstrate the success of retention strategies over time Risher, H. Retention Retention relates to the extent to which an employer retains its employees and may be measured as the proportion of employees with a specified length of service typically one year or more expressed as a percentage of overall workforce numbers.

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These could include measures estimating, say, the relative productivity of new employees during their first weeks or months in a role and that of resignees during the period of their notice both likely to be lower than the productivity levels of established employees.

This, is the function of who is hired, and how they are developed, these factors will lead to who is retained Sturman, M When recruiting graduates on fast track schemes a number of them would leave as soon as they qualified.Essay about Reducing the Cost of Employee Turnover by Managing for Retention - Reducing the Cost of Employee Turnover by Managing for Retention Employee turnover and the retention of valued employees are major problems facing business in the U.S.

Reducing the Cost of Employee Turnover by Managing for Retention Words | 10 Pages. Reducing the Cost of Employee Turnover by Managing for Retention Employee turnover and the retention of valued employees are major problems facing business in the U.S.

The average turnover rate is hovering at 15%. Employee Turnover and Retention Essay Sample. Employee turnover. Employee turnover refers to the proportion of employees who leave an organisation over a set period (often on a year-on-year basis), expressed as a percentage of total workforce numbers.

Essay on Retention and Turnover. Abstract Employee retention and turnover are major organizational management concerns. Finding the balance between the two is critical and there are consequences and rewards to both.

People have to feel they are valued and contributing or they will go elsewhere. - Employee Turnover an Observation When discussing employee turnover and retention the immediate reaction is to view turnover as a negative and retention as a positive.

Psychologists have been researching and documenting their findings on the subject for over 50 years, mostly focusing on why people leave organizations (Staw,p. ). Table of Contents Introduction 3 Analysis 3 Employee Turnover 3 Employee Turnover Costs 4 Employee Retention 5 Employee Retention Strategies 5 Recommendations 6 Conclusion 6 References 7 Introduction The goal of this study is to understand employee turnover and its cost, employee retention and what are some Canadian company’s .

Turnover rate and retention essay
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