The train ride writing activities

I dim the lights and read the book to the children. It carries boxes of cargo. The vivid visual world of The Polar Express is evoked by the text as well as by the pictures.

You will also find two sample lessons: These are ideas to write about. This kind of dramatization invites young readers into the magic of the story in an accessible, tangible way.

What are the turning points? If you are working with very young children who are not writing or reading independently yet, focus on the retelling aspect as opposed to the timeline aspect of this lesson.

Or let them sort and tell you how they chose to sort the items. Train Shapes Supply the children with many different shapes. Ie with crayons, markers, paint, glitter, string etc. It carries liquid, such as; milk, oil or gasoline.

Your background as a mechanic, nurse, accountant, horse trainer, teacher, or retail worker is rich with stories and experience others may not have. For example, the reindeer "pranced and paced, ringing the silver bells that hung from their harnesses. This lesson is designed to be used in the context of a writing workshop in which students are writing every day on topics of their own choosing.

Track Stars: Fun With Trains Across Chicago

Exercise such as walking or running stimulates creativity. Then these two children chug around the room and back into another child. One way that readers keep track of the important parts and how they fit together is to make a timeline. Using glue sticks, they will build their first model train.

Sit all together in a cozy spot in your classroom or the school library and read the book aloud. Use your timelines to discuss how the characters change as the plot moves forward.

For nonfiction projects, ask yourself how will the reader act on this information? Attach the wheels to the sides of the train cars with toothpicks. National Railway Historical Society -- Old Dominion Chapter The Old Dominion Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of the railroad in Virginia and sponsors various family-friendly train excursions throughout the year on its vintage diesel train, the James River Rambler.

This site is no longer on the web except at archive. Instruct the children to move around the class and remain connected hands on the shoulders on the person in front of them.

Use it to determine your reader—Who is reading your work and words? I handed these tickets or boarding passes to the children as they entered the classroom. Thanks to Colleen for allowing us to download the tickets from her site: Have each group form a train.

This art project was done in Ms. If you read an article about it recently, jot that down. You will be asking them to turn and talk to each other during the lesson. Encourage them to use comparisons in their descriptions like Van Allsburg does in order to make their writing come to life.

You can also ask your students to work within their readers to create a timeline of whatever story they happen to be working on together.

Train Trips for Kids in Virginia

As you smack the alarm: A narrator provides information on the animals and plants in each area of the park that the train travels through. If they do well with the two signals add more, three whistles mean back up, 1 long whistle, stop and turn around etc.

Discuss how the same image might have been described in a plain and boring way. Begin reading the story.A set of picture and word cards to go with The Train Ride by June Crebbin. Topics also included; reading/5(17). The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburgh. The photos below depict some of the activities I’ve done with my class and information regarding the resources I used to make this an exciting day for the children.

My students loved wearing pajamas to school! Mrs. McGowan’s site has a Winter Train Ride booklet on her side that she uses as a. Homepage» Key Stage 1 - Year 1, Year 2» English» Story Resources» Story Books» A-D» A Train Ride» Story The Train Ride Story Sequencing Classic Collection.

Preschool Transportation Crafts, Activities, Lessons, Games, and Printables

Top 10 Summer Train Activities for Kids Simple tricks for Lego minifigures to ride wooden trains without falling a great toy combination for imaginative play!

-- from Play Trains! This is a perfect fine motor activity to work on pre-writing skills for train lovers! Find this Pin and more on Train Activities for Kids by Jessica. The Sugar Cane Train went out of business on August 1, It was a family train ride near the Kaanapali resort area on the west side of Maui.

You could begin your round trip at either the north end at Puukolii Road and Honoapiilani Highway, or at the south end in the town of Lahaina. In The Polar Express, Van Allsburg describes the journey of the train in an interesting way, by comparing one thing to another.

Tell the students you will be showing them what you mean and inviting them to try this in their own writing.

The train ride writing activities
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