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Thus, we can expect much more tax money to go into the burgeoning U. The vast majority of offenders have violated a law that requires that they be held responsible through some sort of injunction or punishment, but most do not need to be locked away from the community.

Some are less direct: Why women should be well in prisons There are several factors that should put female inmates in a better treatment. This new constellation of interests includes financial institutions that bankroll and finance construction and management of correctional institutions; political action committees that lobby for new prisons; politicians who run on law-and-order platforms that emphasize punishment for criminal offenders; local development authorities that compete for prisons, believing they will be economic development catalysts for their communities; the many for-profit firms engaged in prison privatization; architectural and construction firms that specialize Prison research paper outline large institutions; and a broad range of service providers that seek to secure long-term contracts Prison research paper outline provide telecommunications, transport, correctional technologies, food and beverage, clothing, computers, and personal hygiene products to the 2.

Spear observes that the "mentally disturbed, lacking support in the community, gravitate toward the prison system, where they will find little help"p. According to Fortuinthe program includes … case-management services that attend to housing, employment, education, family reunification and empowerment, birth control, and continuity of care for mental health, physical health and substance abuse … In the early days, transition planning for a female offender began three months prior to her release.

Spear observes that the United States incarcerates a disproportionately large number of poor and uneducated Americans; thus, nearly all of the prisoners are from poor and uneducated backgrounds, and many of them are African Americans.

Women In Prison

According to census and economic reports the researchers were able to determine that "reconviction rates for Black males are highest in counties where adverse economic conditions e. Goals of a community sentence Types of community corrections programs Advantages and disadvantages of community corrections programs Cost of community corrections programs Do community corrections programs work?

Clear observes that people who go to prison "come disproportionately from a handful of neighborhoods, impoverished places where schools are bad, the labor market weak, and housing inadequate" p.

Adult inmates often have histories of juvenile confinement and adult probation that failed to provide the services, programming and support to reform and rehabilitate.

If we examine the statistics by gender, then African American men represent Prison research paper outline majority of the male prison population. A final assumption is that people who have been incarcerated in jail and prison transition better when they are released with some supervision than without any supervision Petersilia, Spear notes that the female prison population has also increased significantly and comments that this situation usually leaves their children with a family member or the children end up as wards of the state.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Criminal Recidivism study guide and get instant access to the following: Discrimination of women on the basis of race is a common phenomenon where black women are mostly targeted in sexual abuse.

Smith and Hattery aptly refer to the prison system as the "prison industrial complex PIC ," and they argue that the capitalist economy and the prison system that characterizes the PIC create a symbiotic system.

It now begins six months prior to release and extends up to six months after release, providing a more comprehensive transition plan and greater support during the critical days immediately following release Fortuin,p.

If the jail population is included, the incarceration rate increases to perpopulation and the number of people imprisoned in America totals over 2. Finally, inthe nation passed another milestone: This seems a clear indication that something about American culture—a combination of its socioeconomic, legislative, and judicial systems—is causing a significant disproportion in our prison population.

The prison population grew during times of war and times of peace, when crime rates rose and when they fell, in the midst of economic boom and economic recession. Viewing the state of imprisonment in America through different lenses underscores the scope and scale of this new reality.

Conclusion and Bibliography I. Yet African Americans comprised only 13 percent of the total U. One such example is the American college system. Little education, few job skills, little job experience likely to lead to good employment, substance and alcohol dependency, and other health problems, including mental health problems.

Understanding the concept of community corrections will be accomplished through a discussion of five main areas: The end result of our change to a punitive approach to crime—and particularly our severe laws on nonviolent crimes such as drug sales or use—is that the U.

For example, various studies indicate that inmates share the following damaging characteristics. California demonstrates what became a national trend in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries that caused America to far outstrip other countries for incarcerations.

Ronald Reagan first developed harsh drug policies at the state level as governor of California, after which he became U. Prisoner reentry is not a new phenomenon. Clear gives us yet more specific information about the tenuous relationship between incarceration figures and crime rates: Similarly, the same retributive impulse that led to higher rates of incarceration may pose barriers to successful reentry.

Women enter judicial systems because of less of their violent acts but more of drug or property related cases.

Three assumptions rest behind the idea of community corrections. The paper concludes with some suggestions toward prison system reform. A change in inmate labor regulations has created a system wherein inmate labor is increasingly subcontracted for a variety of business sectors.

Prisons only make money when the prison beds are occupied, and "the more prisons provide labor for corporations, the more prisons will be built. A larger prison population translates into more people leaving prison.

Community Corrections

This makes it easier for offenders to get the help they need while in the community and subsidize the cost with their own funds.This sample research paper on Prisoner Reentry features: + words (24 pages), an outline, APA format in-text citations, and a bibliography with 45 sources.

Essay Outline/Plan Service; Dissertation Services; Dissertation Writing Service; A Summary Of Women In Prison Criminology Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Research shows that custodial sentences are not appropriate for many women and not effective in reducing offending or reoffending.

The experience of imprisonment can. To start my research, I used Google, Google Scholar, and JStor to search “school to prison pipeline” in an effort to gather broad, background information about the school-to-prison pipeline. After gathering information about the way the pipeline is defined and framed, I narrowed my search to “school to prison pipeline new york city” and.

By shifting supervision from custody in prison to intensive programs in the community, the national reentry program improves economic opportunity and reduces prison populations. View paper» View.

Free professional paper writing assistance from expert writers Women In Prison. The number of women in prison is currently increasing day by day although men still comprise the highest numbers in jail.

Research Paper Outline Examples Once you've decided what topic you will be writing about, the next thing you should pay attention to is the scope of your paper or what you will be including in your discussion.

Prison research paper outline
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