Prevalence of self medication

This cross-sectional Prevalence of self medication was done in field practice area attached to a medical institution in urban Puducherry. Abstract Background and Objectives: In case the respondent had more than one time use of self-medication, further details were recorded for the last episode.

It is also not significant if compared to the Helst research in Norway A survey about attitude and practice of medical university students about self- medication of drugs in Persian.

In this study, data were collected using interview, which may affect the accuracy of the results.

Prevalence of Self-Medication Among the Elderly in Kermanshah-Iran

Self-medication is an important health issue in this area. As we know some antibiotics have teratogenic effect and according to the intensity of their teratogenic activity they are placed in different pregnancy categories.

A previous study found that hypertension medication prescriptions provided during U. Inthe prevalence of medication use among persons with self-reported hypertension was highest in Louisiana Similar studies on elderly also introduced prior experience about the drug and improvement of symptoms to be the main reasons of self-medication Karimy et al.

What are our patients taking? It seems that those with medical insurance tend to attend private offices more than those Prevalence of self medication no medical insurance possibly because of high physician fee.

Assessment of relation between inappropriate medication and health status among elderly discharged from hospitals affiliated with Tehran University. The key purposes behind self-medication of drugs among study populations were availability of drugs The slightest bought medications without prescription by pregnant ladies were antibiotics 3.

Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther. In our study we just highlighted the course of antibiotics whether they completed or not. Factors influencing self-medication among elderly urban centers in Zarandieh based on Health Belief Model. All these survey results indicated availability of the medications without prescription is primarily accountable for the self-medication of the pregnant women and suggested that a general solution should be made for this problem worldwide.

Self-reported medication use among adolescents in Kuwait. CDC has been working with state and local public health communities to improve hypertension awareness, treatment, and control through multiple strategies within the CDC State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention programs 9.

This study was also aimed at assessing the attitude of respondents who had experienced self-medication. All analyses were conducted using statistical software to account for the complex sampling design.

Updating the Beers criteria for potentially inappropriate medication use in older adults: In Bangladesh, health practitioners must enlighten the general people and enhance their awareness about the potential risks of self-medication and, if possible, ordering strictly by the drug administration of our country to prevent selling of medications without prescriptions.

Out of people, 42 This study also focused the attitude of people, who follow the practice of self-medication. Geographic variations have also been identified: Hypertension, which affects nearly one third of adults in the United States, is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke 1and only approximately half of those with hypertension have their hypertension under control 2.

Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Prevalence of self-medication practices and its associated factors in Urban Puducherry, India

Practising self-medication for drugs like antibiotics might lead to drug resistance; and hence, there needs to be a check on these practices. Nordeng H, Havnen GC. To keep off this self-medication propensity we can dispatch awareness program socially or by media, by orchestrating seminars, by expanding the quantity of government maternity care centre from where they can take the important consideration in modest cost and educate all the pregnant ladies about the awful impacts of self-medication.

J drug Nedaye Mahya. J Health Sys Res. It is evident from different observations from these studies on medications during pregnancy that medication system, methodology such as prescription collection, interview, chart review etc. Health education of the public and regulation of pharmacies may help in limiting the self-medication practices.

A survey of the prevalence of self-medication and factors effected in women in Arak City in Persian. First, BRFSS data are based on self-report; the lack of direct blood pressure measurement makes it impossible to fully assess hypertension prevalence or control according to current guidelines.

Self-medication for the control of dental pain: Furthermore, the results suggested that self-medication was significantly higher among the literate elderly with secondary education and above compared with those with primary education and illiterate ones.The phenomenon of self-medication is a significant problem in a developing country due to easy availability of drugs.

It is important in pregnancy as these agents may be teratogenic; pregnant women may be exposed to drugs that have serious harmful effects on their fetus. The present study was conducted to determine the prevalence and. Many international studies have investigated the prevalence and nature of self-medication practices at the population level.

In Nigeria, some workers have also looked at the population prevalence of self-medication in general; however the prevalence of antibiotic self-medication among medical undergraduates has not yet been studied.

Self medication is an important concern for health authorities at global level. This study was aimed to find the prevalence of self medication for allopathic drugs and associated factors among households of urban community.

This study was also aimed at assessing the attitude of respondents who had. Prevalence Of Self Medication Practice Among Nursing Students In Jazan University, Kingdom O DOI: / 12 | Page.

Antibiotic self-medication in patients with respiratory tract infections (RTI) is increasing globally and has been reported to be one of the prime contributors to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our study aims to provide data on the prevalence of antibiotic self-medication and identify the factors contributing to self-medication in adult patients with.

Prevalence and Measure of Self Medication: A Review Bushra Ali Sherazi¹, Khawaja Tahir Mahmood², Fatima Amin¹, Mariam Zaka¹, Munaza Riaz¹, Ayesha Javed¹.

Prevalence of self medication
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