Importance of politeness in life

Brief Essay We become what we think. When you are polite to people and speak with respectable manners, you are treating others with respect. You may use a wide range of grammatical structures. Although she was persuasive, she was never forceful about her intentions and that really hit home for me.

People will notice this subtle charm and this will help you greatly. However, it is impolite or rude to push the matter if someone has expressed discomfort.

Try not to talk about yourself always. A polite person is a pleasing person. While talking to someone, leave a positive impression about yourself if you happen to meet the person in future in a similar setting.

We have a free mind to think when we have already chosen politeness. The communication I had with Marcie struck a cord.

A polite man always puts the feelings of others first. Politeness means consideration for feelings of others. When they feel respected, they feel valued as a person. No one wants to listen to your boastings. Hope this all will certainly helpful to me to speak more politely with others. Only such a person can attract more people around him or her.

A kind word does not cost anything, yet the world is full of people who will always try to behave in a way that will offend you. If we are negative we will get negative outcomes.

So, one of the best ways to speak smartly is to choose the polite way. What is your objective in each situation? The ability to listen to what the other person is saying, and responding thoughtfully, without sarcasm, insult, or being overly-casual, are key to smooth interactions.

Why Being Polite Is Important

Now, although politeness is expressed in different ways in different cultures, there is a general theory of politeness which can probably be applied to most — but maybe not all — cultures. Why would someone want to help you with something, if they felt disrespected?

Importance of Politeness

To me, being polite is very important, both in your personal and professional life.When we are polite people will like to talk with us and we will be surrounded by many people therefore. When we give polite answers to anyone they are convinced with us. By our politeness we can get great works done in lesser time.

So, for a peaceful life and successful life, politeness is the best way. Politeness is said to be one of the most important characters of a civilised person. It must be implemented in every walk of life. When we deal with People of higher status we are polite as it is compulsory.

But, an honest polite person is polite with everyone.

Importance of Politeness in Life

Not only with humans but also with animals we must be polite as they are our helpers. Politeness should be applied in the way we act, in our speech and our way of thinking. Politeness is an important skill that will make you achieve your objectives in life as people will always take you seriously and deal with you in a right way.

Being polite to others has and always will be very important to me. I want my children to understand that you don’t need to be forceful to get what you want in life. Sometimes common courtesy does go a long way.

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Importance of politeness in life
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