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The reform act was admirable in this way, but what made it great in terms of a step-up for democracywas the increase in middle class power outside of parliament. It was the shift of power from being largely equal between the two houses of parliament, to the commons overtaking the lords. Even after the reform bill was repeatedly modified, With a modern view on this, the idea that almost half of parliamentary seats were won by bribery, corruption and local dictatorship would be obscene, but at the time, having over half of seats actually contested was a huge breakthrough for a fairer, more representative system.

Reform was necessary to avert revolution. The fact that the reform act averted Great reform act essay and mass bloodshed heightened its greatness.

It increased the significance of the House of Commons and it was organised on democratic principles; hence it became a representative body of the people. The longer parliamentary sessions, with MPs still not being paid discriminated against middle classes, who had to work most of the time to live — they could not fit work around the almost full time occupation of being an MP, so stayed out of parliament.

To What Extent Does the Reform Act of 1832 Deserve Its Title “Great”? Essay Sample

Thus, one person out of every 24 of the total population now came to possess the right to vote. This act changed the outlook of the Tories and the reformists began to assemble in the Whig party which came to be known as a liberal party.

He governed with such unwavering closed-mindedness that it bordered on complete insensitivity to the people of Britain. Getting bills past the commons was no longer a difficulty: This truly makes the reform act great: It is easy to underestimate the ineptitude of Wellington as Prime Minister.

The Municipal Corporations Act of gave rise to the formation of local council authorities. Of adult males, beforeone in 8 had the vote in England; this increased to one in 1 in 5 after the act, while Scotland, Wales and Ireland had proportionally similar increases.

Famous historian Green has written about it: On the very same day, rioting began in Derby and Nottingham and spread throughout England over the following days. Even the contested seats were not free of corruption.

These negative points about the reform act detract from it, but not so much as to remove its title. Finally after Peel refused to serve under Wellington, so the government remained with Greythe reform act was passed.

The reform act was great for many reasons, one of the most important was that it was a victory for the common people of Britain after such a long war against the government.Great Reform Act This was a response to many years of people criticising the electoral system as unfair.

For example, there were constituencies with.

To What Extent Was The 1832 Reform Act A Turning Point?

Why was The Great Reform Act passed in ? Since the Industrial Revolution the population of Britain was growing rapidly. The census figures were 12, inover 14, in16, inand, in over 21, The causes of the massive increase were not clear to contemporaries and indeed are still in doubt.

Tory members named it a revolutionary act because it shook up the roots of ancient conventions. Famous historian, Trevelyan has called it, 'The Modern Magna Charta'.

In fact the first Reform Bill was a great document of 82 provisions.

Why was The Great Reform Act passed in 1832 ?

The following were some of the significant effects of the Reform Act of 1. Why Disraeli Passed the Second Reform Act Essay example.

Why Disraeli Passed the Second Reform Act The Second Reform Act was an extremely intelligent piece of politics and demonstrated how clever Disraeli was as a politician, the act itself would enable Disraeli to the gain power amongst the Commons.

Essay on How Significant Was the Great Reform Act of ? How significant was the Great Reform Act of ? The Great Reform Act passed in was brought in due to a number of inside and outside pressures.

To What Extent Does the Reform Act of Deserve Its Title “Great”? Essay Sample The title, “great” is reserved for a select few characters and documents in history.

Great reform act essay
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