Give a boy a gun

Brendan starts yelling at Gary. As soon as I heard the news, I went home to Middletown, determined not to leave until I understood what had happened there. For weeks I staggered through it, searching out other lost, wandering souls.

Effects described in detail.

Brendan Lawlor

Some were willing to talk to me. Gary booby-traps the doors with bombs so they will explode if anyone tries to open them. After the bullet smashed through the left side of his skull and tore into his brain, he probably lived for ten to fifteen seconds. One of his fictional students reflects: One night after being beat up by Sam Flach, one of the football players who regularly bullied him and GaryBrendan snaps and comes up with a plan to get back at the students and teachers of the high school.

Sex Mild to moderate, with more extreme swearing suggested by substitutions. The other is the broader tale of what is happening all around our country -- in a world of schools and guns and violence that has forever changed the place I once called home.

The parts of the brain that control breathing and heartbeat stop. Also, a slur against homosexuals. I remember all too well the horror and terror of high-school; not physical, at least in my case, but the sheer emotional bullying that I received from kids who deemed me not up to par.

From start to finish, humiliation, rage, and fear predominate. The police drop a mike and camera through the ceiling of the gym.

Give a Boy a Gun Summary & Study Guide

The novel describes the events and social circumstances that lead up to, and form the aftermath of, a fictional school shooting. Give a Boy a Gun Brendan and Gary became best friends through 8th, 9th and 10th grade. For others, I suspect it was because they had learned something about themselves that they were still struggling to accept -- or to conceal.

Or, if you prefer, injure, maim, dismember, or wound. And to make matters worse, the teachers turned a blind eye to the bullying. Brendan also shoots one of the teachers in the chest to prevent him from using his walkie-talkie to call in teachers as reinforcements or to call the police. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options We always see signs that proclaim a school a "drug-free zone", but when will we ever see one that proclaims it a "bully-free zone", or a "tolerance for everyone" zone?

Brendan tied up the football players and the teachers.

On the night of the dance, Brendan leaves a cryptic message for his friend Emily, warning her not to attend because there will be trouble. Armed with semiautomatic weapons, Gary and Brendan seek revenge on the football players and popular students who have tormented and humiliated them.

Eventually the boys begin to obsess over the possibility of acting on their violent impulses.

Simultaneously, the boy with his hands untied clips the ties off another boy and they tackle Brendan. Gary and Brendan, along with a few others like them, were "outcasts" in their school. This section contains words approx. A lot or a little?

They separate the boys from the girls and then zip tie the hands of the boys behind their backs. Searching for streaming and purchasing options Buy from another retailer: As the story illustrates, social ostracism and intolerance of differences can lead misguided students to the point of believing that guns provide the only solution to their problems.

Give a Boy a Gun

Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Others spoke because they felt a need to defend themselves even though no one had pointed an accusing finger at them. One night, when the school dance is taking place, Gary and Brendan enter the gym with masks covering their faces, armed with bombs and guns.

While he was doing that, Paul, another jock got loose and got nail clippings from his pocket and freed more students.

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.Sep 27,  · Intense school-shooting book will trigger heated discussion. Read Common Sense Media's Give a Boy a Gun review, age rating, and parents guide.3/5. GIVE A BOY A GUN [Jack Olsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Investigates the true story of Claude Dallas, who killed /5(87). Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser - Featuring a new trim size and a new line look, Todd Strasser’s acclaimed account of school violence that Kirkus Reviews calls Book Edition: Reprint.

Give a Boy a Gun has 6, ratings and reviews. Jennifer said: Reviewed by Me for killarney10mile.comry person in the world should read this book. /5. Written by Jack Olsen, Narrated by Rich Miller.

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Strasser tells the story of two social outcasts who hold their peers hostage at gunpoint during a high school dance.

Give a boy a gun
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