Essay on who is to blame for the tragic events in the crucible

They had motive to see members of those families killed. Abigail Williams and her friends certainly deserve a portion of the blame. Furthermore, it is the official court that hands down the verdicts and sentences citizens to death.

For being silent and not lying, a sin in the highly Christian Puritan society, people were hung. This court, represented in large part by Danforth, is responsible for the tragedy of wrongful death meted out in punishment for crimes that were never committed.

Who is to blame for the tragic events of The Crucible?

Mary was one of the main people responsible for the witch trials because it was within her power to exonerate the accused, but she failed to do so. The trouble in Salem begins when Abigail convinces her friends and Tituba to divert attention from their own midnight actions in the woods.

Their daughter Ruth was in with the group and reportedly helped influence along with Abby. Certified Educator There are several arguments that point to different people. If he could have just accepted what the girls did, Abby might not have gone to all of those lengths to lie about the situation.

These accusations are fabricated for the most part - simply made up. Her dominance continues as the play unfolds and the girls are required to attend court as if they have a special ability to identify those who are bewitched. Because they gave the girls this power, they believed the girls actions more and more.

Judge Danforth, Reverend Parris and Reverend Hale also share responsibility for the numerous deaths resulting from the witchtrials. We see in the first Act that she manipulates the girls into helping her lie about what went on in the forest prior to the start of the play. There was no way to make a defense against that kind of accusation, with what was accepted as proof, and it was either the noose or the jail cell.

The Putnams did not get along with many people of the town because their choice for a new minister was not chosen.

Who is to blame for the tragic events in The Crucible?

Many people died because of the failure to act or lack of sanity that these characters presented. Instead of actually assessing the claims made by frightened girls who happen to be facing quite a serious punishment for witchcraft of their ownHale and Parris decide the stories are true.

At multiple times in the story, several characters could have stopped the trials from proceeding with either evidence or just common sense. She took fright is all. The only person who influenced some of the killing who does not share any amount of the blame is John Hale. Throughout The Crucible, there were many instances where the witch trials could have been prevented.

Through both over-zealous ignorance of common sense and a failure to act upon what he knows to be true, Hale is one of the characters most responsible for the witch trials. To do this, accusations Mary Warren, as a viewer of the event that triggered the trials, could have come out at any point in time and ended the trials.

Additionally, they had land battles with the Nurses and the Proctors. The first person at fault is Reverend Hale of Beverly. However, it is at this point in the story that the responsibility shifts to the adults in the Salem community.

The responsibility for the lies rests with Abigail and her cohort. While there were many at fault, the three most responsible people are Abigail Williams, Reverend Hale, and Mary Warren. In the Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the witch trials killed many innocent people.

Then Abigail began to accuse the higher class of Salem, and she got away with it because she was now seen as a saint in the town by many, mainly the judges. Another of the people most responsible is the architect, Abigail Williams. The third person most responsible is the servant of the Proctors, the weak-willed Mary Warren.

The Putnams are traditionally considered a party who influenced the girls. Put because of the power on the line and the cowardice of some of the characters, the trials were not stopped before the deaths of many.

To do this, accusations of witchcraft are made against others.Transcript of The Crucible- Who Is To Blame Abigail Williams and The Girls The whole reason why this started was because Abigail wouldn't tell the truth about what happened in the woods. The girls wouldn't confess about what happened in the woods, but would constantly go along with what Abigail was doing.

Essay on Abigail Williams in Arthur Miller's The Crucible - Abigail in Arthur Miller's The Crucible "The Crucible" is a play based upon the events that occurred in. Apr 21,  · Who is to blame for the tragic events in The Crucible?

i need an 4 paragraph essay. Follow. 4 answers 4. hysteria can easily cloud one's judgment and lead to intolerance which could also mean that the good reverend is to blame for the tragic events. Can't write your essay for you, but the common belief is that it was a Status: Resolved.

- Symbolism in The Crucible by Arthur Miller Many literary works have been produced that symbolize other periods of time or certain events that have occurred throughout history. One example is the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Mar 12,  · The blame can also be put on the townspeople, who possessed by a sensationalism, accuse others of being witches, black-list people, and use the accusation as a tool for eradicating enemies.

All in all, the *real* villian in Status: Resolved. The tragic events that unfold in 'The Crucible' are to an extent caused by Abigail's sexual desire however she is not the only one to blame.

'The Crucible' is about the Salem Witch Trials which took place in 17th century Massachusetts where 19 .

Essay on who is to blame for the tragic events in the crucible
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