Doug achterman dissertation

The blog post argues that students are shortchanged when they do not Doug achterman dissertation access to fully-operational school libraries and the expertise provided by school librarians.

The resource also asserts that library aides and volunteers cannot substitute for school librarians, since they likely do not possess the time or the requisite skills for the role.

Teacher Librarian, 37 5 School Libraries Worldwide, 17 1 Department of Public Instruction, State of Wisconsin. Total hours library open Total Doug achterman dissertation available through the library Total services provided by library staff Offering a program of curriculum-integrated information literacy instruction Informally instructing students in the use of resources Providing teachers with information about new resources Providing reference assistance to students and teachers A strong school library program is one that provides A full-time teacher librarian and a full time paraprofessional.

Staffing is key in creating strong school libraries. Retrieved from ERIC database: Reading workshops are most effective with a teacher-librarian. Retrieved from Mansfield University website: During this part of the study, participants answered an in-depth survey, which produced these findings: Bivariate correlations between total staffing and student achievement were significant at both the middle school and high school level when controlling for all school and community variables.

Journal of Quality and Technology Management, 4 2 There was a significant positive relationship between a majority of the 21 library services regularly provided and student achievement at all levels. School libraries and student achievement in Ontario.

California's School Libraries Make a Difference

Phase II—in-depth study This document discusses the findings of the second phase of a three-part impact study conducted on more than 1, students, teachers, and library media specialists in 47 schools. Locking up a world of ideas: Strong school libraries build strong students [Infographic].

Retrieved from Care 2 Make a Difference website: Impact of school libraries on student achievement Similar to other reports, this document summarizes well-known impact studies, which examined the relationships between student achievement and things like student access and teacher-librarian collaboration.

Want better reading scores? Your school library media program and No Child Left Behind. The power of the media specialist to improve academic achievement and strengthen at-risk students. Impact of school libraries on student achievement [Preliminary report].

Doug Achterman’s Haves, Halves, and Have-Nots dissertation

Quality libraries produce quality learners. Phase I This document contains the results of the first phase of a three-part impact study conducted in New York, which examined the influence of school libraries on technology use, the relationship between principals and school libraries, and the level of service to students with disabilities.

School library research summarized: The author mentions donations from various parties, but argues that donations to buy books are not enough—there needs to be long-term commitment to ensuring the employment of school librarians. Strong libraries improve student achievement.

The impact of school library media programs on academic achievement of U.

Haves, halves, and have-nots : school libraries and student achievement in California

A survey conducted in the schools found that more students read for fun than previously, students read more on their own time, they conducted deeper inquiry into subject areas, and their reading and language skills improved. Observations of school library impact at two rural Ugandan schools. Nearly every element of a high school library program positively correlates with STAR test scores, including all of the elements listed above, as well as Teacher librarian staffing levels Budget Collection size In elementary, middle school and high school libraries, teacher librarian staffing and total staffing are strongly related to the level of services provided.

How school librarians leave no child behind: Kids who have libraries succeed [Brochure].

Doug achterman dissertation

A robust, up-to-date collection of digital, print and media resources with a budget to support it. Results from this study might also provide a baseline of data for qualitative research that more deeply explores ways school library programs contribute to student achievement beyond ways measured by current standardized tests.

Also, the resource presents a thorough literature review of past research on the topic of school library media programs and their impact on student achievement.

School Libraries Impact Studies

School libraries, now more than ever:San Benito High Douglas Achterman’s doctoral dissertation on student achievement in doug achterman dissertation California. School Library Standards. Doug Achterman.

This undated brochure highlights findings from Doug Achterman’s dissertation, Haves, Halves, and Have-Nots: School Libraries and Student Achievement in California, and Scholastic’s School Libraries Work!

Sep 14,  · Doug Achterman’s Haves, Halves, and Have-Nots dissertation September 14, by dianechen "Any school or district that decides not to invest in school library programs must account for that decision in terms of the public charge of equitable access to a quality education for all public school students.".

Get this from a library! Haves, halves, and have-nots: school libraries and student achievement in California. [Douglas Achterman]. •Douglas Achterman’s doctoral dissertation,”Haves, Halves and Have-Nots: School Libraries and Student Achievement,” 10 which found that library staffng and services are signifcantly re-lated to students’ test scores: The greater the number of library services offered, the higher students’ scores tended to be.


Doug achterman dissertation
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