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I do not like the work. The responses were skewed toward the housekeeping employees, making the data obtained from the survey to be an inaccurate representation of the employee population at the Douglas Medical Center site. The data included in this report will help BIMS determine the cause of the high turnover and suggestions to reverse the trend.

Debbie made the survey optional and top management was not required to reply. Barbara Tucker asked the team to analyze the data from the survey to make sure that it is valid and useful.

In hindsight, Debbie suggested that she should have pretested the sample instrument before issuing it to the workforce. I do not like my supervisor.

Some of the information needed was not asked, further reducing the value of the effort. How long have you worked for BIMS?

Getting to and from work was easy. This scale helps to make the data responsive to statistical analysis. I am not satisfied with the pay. A few questions were worded awkwardly, likely affecting the response.

Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. Essay Sample

The survey included questions in reference to working conditions, shifts, training, and pay rate. More essays like this: Just inserting it into the payroll process did not inform employees sufficiently about the purpose and sponsor of the survey.

She felt the need to understand the current employee dissatisfaction and increased turnover rate was urgent and thus merited the continued effort. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Each of the five had minor phrasing suggestions that Debbie incorporated.

What is your gender? In which division did you work? You should analyze the main problem which is the reason why staff is not motivated and many training staff leaves the organization, resulting in a high turnover, which is not cost effective for the organization.

Finally, Debbie sent this last version to the senior management team for final review. Consider that the purpose for creating the survey of employee low morale was to identify the factors that were leading to such a dismal situation within the organization.

Essay Sample Solution-problem, purpose, research questions, and hypothesis. Purpose The purpose of the learning team was to act as a consulting group to the top management team.

Please include words for your part of the report and 2 ppt slides per person should be sufficient. Perhaps she should be surveying those that had already left the organization.

You were given as many hours that you desired. Consider the work that Barbara, the manager charged with trying to uncover why the morale was so low, did as to why the work output was increasingly getting poorer. Hypotheses The data from the survey does not provide enough information to know the reason for the decrease in employee morale and increase in the turnover rate.

Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. The company is good at communicating. The survey data will be collected as the employees turn in their surveys to Debbie. The Likert scale is used to assign quantitative values to qualitative data.Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc.

Data Collection Christopher Pittman, Melanie Grimmer, Heather Jeffers, and Talikka Fells QNT/ April 8, Ronald Ryan Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. Data Collection This is a written report presenting our findings to the senior management.

Her employer, “Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS), typically experiences an annual turnover rate of 55 to 60%” (University of Phoenix,p.

2), however over the past four months the rate has increased to over 64%. Ballard Integrated Managed Services (BIMS) is a company that provides food and hospitality for all the patient and staff necessities.

There is a problem that Barbara Tucker, general manager, is concerned about because she feeling that her staff’s morale has been decreasing and the turnover rate is. Jul 11,  · Read the University of Phoenix Material: Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., Part 2.

Your team acts as a consultant group that analyzes and interprets this second set of data. The intent is to increase senior management's understanding of the sources of employee dissatisfaction and to create a model that predicts employee.

Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., Create a model that predicts employee resignation.

Please include words for your part of the report and 2 ppt slides per person should be sufficient. Ballard Integrated Managed Services Ballard Integrated Managed Services QNT/ Quantitative Analysis for Business Ballard Integrated Managed Services Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc.

(BIMS) is an organization that provides food service and housekeeping services to corporations and institutions on a contractual basis.

Ballard integrated managed services inc
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