Argument writing anchor chart

With students divided into two groups, they took part in a spirited Visible Thinking debate called Tug of War. The organizer below is my favorite to use once the students are more familiar with the structure of opinion paragraphs.

After discussing the pros and cons with partners, the class took sides.

The articles often include: One way to adapt this chart as students develop their understanding of argument is to write each element—claim, argument, evidence—under a flap that students can lift if they need a reminder. Simply click on each image to download and print your own copy. Other teachers in my building use the resources for their grade level as well.

Informational Writing Focus upper elementary students on the most important aspects of informational writing while keeping them organized.

It establishes the structure, but also helps students remember to use opinion-based sentence starters along with transition words.

Make this chart applicable to older students by expanding on each aspect with a specific audience or goal. Understanding Character Before you can writer about character, you first have to understand it. Keep this chart relevant by updating the examples with student work throughout the year.

28 Awesome Anchor Charts for Teaching Writing

Should all peanut products be banned? The organizers made putting their thoughts into a clear paragraph with supporting reasons and examples very easy for most students. This anchor chart is a wonderful idea because students can write their idea on a sticky and then add it.

Then all your students can reference this anchor chart to keep them on task. Mint should stop making pennies. Should birthday treats and bagel sales be banned at school? It really walks your students through so they have all the elements they need to create their own story. After hearing many of their classmates voice their reasoning for keeping or retiring the penny, the students were ready to get started putting their thoughts on paper.Persuasive writing anchor chart by Andrea Castro on English Language Arts Standards» Anchor Standards» College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Reading killarney10mile.comR.8 Delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing.

Argument writing anchor chart based on Toulmin Model -- may repeat middle section to include additional reasons, with each one more compelling. Argument writing anchor chart based on Toulmin Model -- good for persuasive speeches See more.

Graphic Organizers for Opinion Writing By Genia Connell. Grades 1–2 students used sticky notes to add opinion or transition words they found to an anchor chart posted on a classroom wall. Next, I took the words and put them into a chart that I copied for students to glue into their writer's notebooks.

Both sides of the argument.

Graphic Organizers for Opinion Writing

OREO - Persuasive Writing Anchor Chart by Ru Bin on Here are some of my favorite persuasive writing anchor charts that I have used to help my struggling writers write strong, detailed persuasive papers. Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley Upper Elementary Teaching Blog.

Argument writing anchor chart
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