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Unfair treatment or representation of a person, place or social group based on one element of their identity, such as gender or class. Her mental Aqa media studies coursework was not represented in the programme. The perspective from which the audience is supposed to relate to a media text. How often a person or thing is shown on screen during a programme or film.

Possesses several potential meanings. The idea of a lower class that are outsider of the three class British social structure; they are in severe poverty and usually not working.

At the end of the programme it is suggested that Danny may have stolen cannabis from one of the houses on the street and he disappears.

During this era, social movement the act of moving from one class to another was encouraged and celebrated in the media —see the fame of Alan Sugar as an example.

When we consider judging any of the participants of the programme, we must remember that it was filmed over 18 months and yet we only see five short episodes which focus on a small number of residents. The second Daily Star front page is an example of the final stage of a moral panic where the newspaper has led a campaign against the scapegoat it has constructed.

How does it fit into their remit? Where right-wing is understood as Conservative, nationalist, and to the extreme, Neo-Nazi ideologies.

The debate interestingly returns to the Victorian paradigm where participants argued about Aqa media studies coursework those in poverty are the deserving or undeserving poor.

Both programmes add an ethical dimension to the media event and thus represent Channel 4 as a responsible broadcaster. A person or group who is blamed for a large social problem which they may or may not be to blame for.

When a programme appears to resemble real life and offer authenticity. You may also want to consider the broadcasting of the Channel 4 series Benefits Street as a media event.

This narrative structure positions the audience as the hero in a quest to save the world. So why did Benefits Street cause such a commotion? Are we expecting minors to quit school to work?

A way in which the media explores and discusses a particular topic.

There is also scope for considering gender and ethnicity issues too — you might for example compare how the construction of femininity or ethnicity is defined by class distinctions. The people of the underclass are therefore stigmatised as lazy outcasts who do not want to participant or contribute.

Much of the outcry after the first episode came from the residents who said they were misrepresented in the programme. The main plot of this episode follows shoplifter Danny as he explains to viewers how to successfully steal from shops. The first episode of the series was deliberately provocative and stands in stark contrast to much of the rest of the series.

These eras are defined as the following: It seems as the credit crunch-come-recession-come-further recession has perpetuated, the image of the underclass has reappeared as a scapegoat: When we think about images of poverty, it is usually charity adverts which come to mind: There is an echo of Victorian workhouse mentality in the headline: Media texts which espouses right-wing ideologies.

The use of this word therefore suggests that the underclass is as dangerous to our society as the attacking German forces were during the war. The word reminds the audience of the Blitz during World War Two where communities had to come together in order to survive the devastating attack by the German Army.

The construction of scapegoats for a social problem in the Media. The advert breaks down the binary opposite between us —the masses and them —the scrounging underclass and asks us to consider the similarities we share rather than the differences.

On Monday February 17th, the channel also aired a debate show about the programme which featured a wide range of voices: Such a negative portrayal of the underclass as a hindrance to us is commonly constructed in the right-wing press, as can be seen in the following examples: The narrative of the adverts reads: However, there is no suggestion at least not in the headline that the methods in which Atos comes to such statistical claims has been highly criticised as unethical.

Much of the media, except perhaps the right-leaning news organisations, expressed a supportive image of British poverty —it was a problem that needed to be solved.Here are the three pieces of coursework I do with my Year 10s for a one-year Media Course.

We do DVD Promotion, Music Videos and the final Magazine. If you're new to the course, you might find these useful.

I've also included the one year overview I follo 5/5(8). Media Studies Handbook for A Level Students. Why Media Studies Matters. “An understanding of media is as essential a basic tool of survival in the modern world as IT or D&T.

You may choose just when analysing media products, evaluating coursework to show how meaning and responses are created.

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Aqa media studies coursework
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