An incident essay

My uncle drove us to the hospital; 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital and ensuring that my grandfather had checked in, my uncle left for a commitment he had to take care of. The Jeep driver had tried to escape after overrunning the boy but was caught a few feet away by the assembled public.

I kept my cool as I walked down the pedestrian path towards the bus stop. On our way we were quite shocked at the uncertainty of life. He was completely drunk. Such accidents are alright as they harm slightly and happen almost every day.

She was very proud of me as I had stayed on to help. Yet I felt no sensation or pain. Since it was a weekend and I did not have any classes that day and did not have any other obligations, I thought it would be a good idea to accompany my grandfather to the hospital rather than stay at home and be bored.

Some mishaps are unnoticeable or are a nuisance, others get serious and unavoidable. Sometimes, simple retelling of particular events is not enough even for high school.

The man after sometimes told me that the Jeep drivers as was evident totally drunk and was driving very rashly.

The crowd fell like a hungry wolf on him and taught him a proper lesion. Meanwhile the police came and took him away. Due to the collision he had become unconscious. She seemed very worried but was in control of her emotions.

Interestingly, the whole operation lasted only an hour and my grandfather was wheeled out of the operation with a bandage on the operated eye, but he was conscious and in very high spirits.

I was now paralyzed and would not be able to walk again. People were angry as he had tried to escape also. It was a Saturday morning, like any other weekend and I was on the way to school for extra classes. I found her standing out in the porch anxiously waiting for me.

Meanwhile, another man had called up the hospital for ambulance. I gathered the books of the boy, placed them back in the bag again, got the address from the diary and thought of returning the bag at the address.

He was probably in 9th or 10th and like me was returning home from a nearby school. I felt numb and everything around me became blur. The nurses sensed the high level of nervousness that both my grandfather and I were feeling and talked to us so nicely that we ended up relaxing and perceiving the operation as something normal and nothing to worry much about.

It was an incident that changed my life forever. My memory event took place several years ago when, due to my curiosity, I decided to accompany my grandfather to the hospital. The tears that rolled down from my eyes slowly wet my pillow.

People gathered around the child. I then told her about what had happened and she too got scared and hugged me. From the number found in the diary, he informed his guardian.I had had my share of embarrassment when I was a child, but the most unforgettable one was the time when I had decided to be a hero.

It happened when I was twelve, an age when the young could not wait to become a hero. I could still remember that incident vividly. That day, my aunt would be /5(4). A limited time offer! Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. urgent 3h delivery guaranteed.

Short Essay on an Accident

An Incident That Changed My Life Essay 2. An Incident that changed my life Human life is so designed that we will face various types of situations in life and learn various. Sample essay on an accident for school and college students.

Accidents or mishaps keep happening every day and every now and then. Some mishaps are unnoticeable or are a nuisance, others get serious and unavoidable.

An Unforgettable Incident Essay Some times the incidents that occur in our lives leave traces of their mere existence in our minds and as time passes by; although they are buried deep in our minds of infinite memories sometimes only a similar trace of that memory brings back that once buried memory on the surface of our minds.

Sometimes in your life some incidents happen that becomes an unforgettable memory for you and which teaches you such lesson that becomes one of the basic guideline in your life.

The incident I experienced which taught me a valuable lesson about life happened when I finished my high school. I /5(10).

An incident essay
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